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Men’s Sexual Health

The sexual health is important when it comes to all people – regardless if they are men or women. However, today we will talk some more about men’s sexual health in specific. This is one of the most important elements of men’s overall health. And it goes without saying that men would be better off if they took better care of their sexual health.

One of the most important things that men can do in terms of improving their sexual health is to take care of their cardiovascular health. There are many reasons for this. One of the most important ones is that a healthy cardiovascular system is crucial when it comes to the body’s production of nitric oxide. Perhaps you have heard of nitric oxides’ role in male sexual health. Some scientists speculate that more than 90% of all male erectile dysfunction issues can be resolved with the use of nitric oxide. It’s an important element for male sexual health.

The hormonal levels are also important for male sexual health. Arguably the most important hormone for men in this sense is testosterone. This is the all-powerful hormone that gives men many of their distinctive features and is greatly important for the sexual health. However, male hormonal levels are on the decline in recent times. There are many potential reasons for this and the effects of it are none-too good.

One of the things that men can do to improve both their cardiovascular health and their hormonal health at the same time is exercise. There are two main forms of exercise for these categories. If you wish to improve your cardiovascular health, then you need to do what’s known as aerobic exercise. This involves doing long-term cardio sessions like 30 minutes of non-stop running. If you wish to improve your hormonal profile as a man, then you can do what’s known as strength training as well. This involves doing a couple of sets of harder exercises – like weightlifting for example.

Also, the importance of sleep for sexual health cannot be overstated. Sleep is one of the most powerful natural cures that people have ever used. It’s a sad thing that many people have arbitrarily decided that it’s not too important to sleep well. They get by on 5 hours of sleep for prolonged periods of time and they mask their sleepiness by taking in increasing amounts of caffeine. Well, if you wish to improve your hormonal profile as a man – then you will also need to sleep long and sound.

Men’s sexual health is very important. Men should give their best to improve and protect it. There are many things that they could do for this to happen. Some of them are improving the sexual health through diet, exercise, and the improvement of sleep patterns. All in all, we hope that you will begin implementing some of the advice from above if you wish to improve your sexual health as a man. It will definitely give you results that you can look forward to.

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Sex Positions For Arthritis Sufferers

As indicated by the CDC Some 53 million grown-ups in the U.S. experience the ill effects of joint inflammation known as arthritis, and keeping in mind that it’s an oft-discussed condition, there’s one not really lovely part of it that is harder to open up about: Living with incapacitating joint agony and weariness can influence sex to feel like a repulsive act.

Fortunately you’re not destined to have a sexless existence until the end of time. Truth be told, numerous individuals who experience the ill effects of joint inflammation discover some relief from arthritis in general low-impact physical activity.

The way to increase sexual pleasure and mitigating pain is to prepare a tad. On the off chance that, in the same way as other arthritis sufferers, you find that your agony is more in the mornings, suggestions are that we should set aside a few minutes for sex toward the evening or night, after you’ve had an opportunity to stroll around and be active. “This causes your joints to be more agile so when it’s a great opportunity to be cozy, you’ll be less hard-edged.”

A more fun approach to decrease joint agony when you and your partner do choose to get occupied is to lengthen foreplay with a hot shower or a delicate back rub. Notwithstanding loosening up your joints and taking away stress, it can go far toward placing you in the mood.

Lastly, being strategic about the sex positions you pick will help as well. Doggy-style and standing-up sex may put a great deal of weight on your joints, yet there are a lot of others left to attempt.



On the off chance that being on your back with your partner on top makes excessively weight, we recommend exchanging places so you can control the movement and speed. Keeping your legs near one another can help mitigate pain, yet in the event that you have a tendency to experience the ill effects of terrible hip torment, you might need to dodge this one.


On the off chance that your partner is the one experiencing joint inflammation, having him sit in a seat while you straddle him will take weight off his knees and hips (and possibly give you one awesome climax).

Facing each other

Like spooning, having both of you resting facing each other with your leg over your partner’s side is mild on your knees and back.



Missionary gets negative criticism for being excessively boring, yet let’s be realistic: the missionary position can be hot as heck, in addition to the fact that it makes it simple to up the closeness level with eye to eye connection. Similarly as imperatively, lying on your back offers your swollen knees a reprieve. We suggest putting pads or cushions underneath your hips or knees to lighten weight in case of any other pains.


Lying on your side and having your sex partner enter you from behind is mild on both your hips and knees. This is an especially decent sex position if both of you experience the ill effects of joint agony or joint inflammation.


It’s typical for your sexual coexistence to change after an arthritis deduction; however it doesn’t need to change for the worse. At last, the best thing you can do is open up to your partner. Try not to be timid in the event that you require him or her to back off, change positions, or try to ease joint agony or weight during sex. “The best position for you is whatever works! It may take a couple of attempts, yet that is a piece of the good times,”

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Smoking And Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a health condition that affects most men in their adult lives. For some people, this is a temporary condition – and for some, a chronic one. That being said, there are many physical and mental reasons as to why a man may experience erectile dysfunction. In this article, we will share some information about the relation between the habit of smoking and erectile dysfunction. Is smoking correlated with erectile dysfunction? Does it cause it? If it does, how does it do it? Read the rest of this article in order to find out.

Research on smoking and erectile dysfunction

There are many studies that show beyond the shadow of a doubt the potentially catastrophic influence that cigarette smoking can have on our bodies. And one of these focus points of these studies is the onset of erectile dysfunction. One big study done by the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that men that smoke are much more likely to develop erectile dysfunction when compared to men that have never smoked. And this influence is exacerbated in younger men. If a younger person has problem of erectile dysfunction – then it’s very likely that it’s due to the fact that he is smoking.

If you chain-smoke, then you’re at an even bigger risk to develop erectile dysfunction problems. However, the good thing here is that you can alleviate your ED to a degree by quitting smoking. In some cases, you may even completely alleviate the damage done by smoking cigarettes – though this is not always the case. It depends on a person’s age, genetics, and individual circumstances.

How smoking can cause erectile dysfunction

As we have mentioned in the previous paragraph, smoking is shown to be detrimental to a person’s health in many ways. It weakens our hearts, brains, kidneys, and many other organs. When it comes to erectile dysfunction, in specific, smoking can lead to the progressive destruction of our blood vessels. Blood vessels carry blood to and from the heart. One of the end-sites of blood flow is the penis. If your blood vessels are ruined by continued smoking – then blood flow towards the penis may be endangered. And a man penis needs blood in order to get erect.

Luckily, if you quit smoking then you will definitely be able to alleviate at least some of the damage that you have done to your blood vessels. With this, the blood flow around your body will improve. This includes the area of the penis. In this way, a person will be able to alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

In conclusion

Smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable morbidity in the modern world. However, there are many people that still fail to take heed of this important warning. And one of the ways in which smoking can make men’s lives worse is by creating optimal conditions for the onset of potentially chronic erectile dysfunction. A person’s best bet to deal with this issue is to stop smoking altogether.

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Five Things To Do After An Unprotected Sex

Have you recently had sex with a new partner unprotected during the heat of passion? Or were you both drunk you didn’t know to remember to bring out the condom? There are so many reasons why people have unprotected sex, some for their dislike of condoms while others have simply forgotten to wear one due to the spontaneity of the action.

Whatever excuse you may have, unprotected sex with a partner you don’t know how or her status is quite dangerous and can have serious consequences such as unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections of which some might be impossible to treat.

But luckily, there are some measures to take after having unprotected sex that will reduce the risk of getting pregnant or contracting an infection. For one, it takes about five days to prevent an unwanted pregnancy so your pills can stop the damage and for the infection, immediately urinating after sex can flush out some bacteria.

Here are some things to do after having unprotected sex:

Use the bathroom

To prevent a urinary tract infection, it is important that you urinate first thing after sex even before you cuddle. This point goes to women who are more susceptible to a UTI because of the closeness of the urethra to the vagina. The bacteria that may have managed to slip in during sex can slip out while urinating.

Use an emergency contraception

If you have no plans of getting pregnant after unprotected sex, you will want to use a morning after pill to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy. This is only applicable to women who have not been using a regular pill before this time. If you are on hormonal contraception, then you need not worry about getting pregnant.

See your doctor

After having unprotected sex, it is essential to see your doctor immediately to prevent an HIV infection. The doctor will give you what is called post-exposure prophylaxis to prevent the infection from developing. But this will only be possible if you act fast.

Get tested for STD

The next step is to go for a full diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases within seven days. Before going for a test, observe your body for any symptoms of infection. But even if you get no symptom, it’s safe for you to get an std test. Treating STDs earlier helps to prevent the symptoms from worsening and damaging vital organs of the body.

If your doctor diagnoses you of a bacterial infection, he will prescribe antibiotics to treat it. After treatment, you will need to get tested again to know if the infection has cleared off. If you get a viral infection like herpes, the doctor will give you an antiviral drug sick as aciclovir to treat you although it’s incurable.

Do a pregnancy test

There is a chance you might be pregnant if you’ve had unprotected sex. Wait for about three weeks before taking this test to get an accurate result before deciding what the next step to take.

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