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6 Weird Things Men Find Sexy About You

There are so many things which are peculiar to you or some things that you engage in which you think are, well, let’s assume less than sexy. It’s not that you thought you were unrefined or you are not attractive or any other similar thing, the fact remains that you are more than sex appeal. There are so many important things that need to be done such as workouts, bodily functions to deal with and so many other things which can be struggled with that can serve as an obstacle in the way of feeling the “hottest” most of the times all these things are known to you. However, there are so many things which are considered to be weird and you think within yourself that they are unsexy but according to expert, they are the hottest. Some of them are listed below:

1. Sweating

If you sweat like a pig during training (you may not know it), you may not feel that you are most beautiful or sexy, but, according to Cosmopolitan, some men consider a little bit of sweat to be very attractive, you think you’re messy,but contrary to what you think, it’s hot and it sometimes boost sexual desire for men.

2. Ovulation

There are some speculations hovering around this. In the event that you are trying to get pregnant, for example, it could be, but what about the rest of the time? Probably not something you think is just hot in yourself. You may be surprised to find out that men find women to be more attractive when they ovulate.

3. Messy hair

 If your hair is messy, this could be because you have walked through a wind tunnel when you are returning back from work or you attend a hot yoga class, there are so many things that can be responsible for this. Based on the report from the cosmopolitan, there are some men that find messy hair sexy. No matter what could make the hair messy, guys find it hot.

4. Eating messy meals

Within yourself you might be thinking people around you can embarrassed you if you are eating a messy burger or plate of spaghetti while on a date, mostly when it is the first time you are hanging out with your sex partner, but based on the report from glamour, a lot of men see women eating messy food to be sexy, with the thought that you are not scared to get a little bit dirty.

5. Moles or scars

The appearance of moles or scars on your skin can be a little bit embarrassing,thinking that they are defects. However, there are some men who are so much in love with them. According to what a man revealed to Red book, moles and scar scan give you a unique and attractive look.

6. Your morning look

Based on findings, a lot of men are so much moved by the look of women mostly in the morning. From no makeup (or smeared remnants of the night before’s) to pajamas and messy hair, it’s not as bad or unsexy of a look as you might think.