Natural Ways To Boost Your Sex Life

During sex, if what you want is more excitement, Stimulation, and Satisfaction, there are so many ways get this done without the use of a drug. If during sex, you cum with the speed of light don’t be worried about this as there are many ways to get out of this naturally.

Below are some of the natural ways that have been shown to be effective by an expert to improve your sex life.

  1. Set your sexual mood as a priority

Most of the times, if you crave for more and better sex, this simply requires clearing your schedule. It can be difficult to be in the mood if you have a lot of things to do and there is not enough time to get it done.

Planning for sex might be unromantic, but most of your important plans are included in your schedule, so why not sex? It is best to have enough time to relax before going to bed since women need to relax before their libido appears, says Sadaty.

  1. Work your mind and take note of your thoughts for better sex

If your brain performs a feedback loop on the reasons you have identified about how you should feel guilty about sex or maybe your body is too skinny or too ugly to play, recognize the thought when it comes up and change it to a more helpful one.

This will improve your sex life because, as a meta-analysis published in the International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology reveals, people who were open to sex could have better explored their sexuality without guilt.

  1. Do not forget to use lubricants for better sex

Sexual intercourse may be more comfortable if you add a lubricant, which reduces friction, irritation, and, therefore, inconvenience. You can buy an official lubricant in a pharmacy or use home-made oil such as coconut oil. Care must be taken as you must make use of a nonlatex condom if you DIY because these oils can damage latex.

Do not try to hide your need for lubrication from your partner. Be part of your sexual routine and have fun with it.

  1. Set your body in motion to improve your sex life

There are some cases where you have forgotten that the exercise you are doing for your heart and muscles is important for a good sexual relationship, but do not forget that blood circulates in your genitals, as well as in your heart.

For example, men with erectile dysfunction (ED) may sometimes reverse this problem by adopting a healthy lifestyle including exercise, according to a research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Researchers have found that even in men who need ED medicines, healthy lifestyle changes probably contribute to the benefits.

  1. Get enough sleep for good sex

Sleep is another factor affecting libido. One of the reasons is that hormonal secretion controls the body’s internal body clock and that sleep patterns are likely to help determine the body when they release certain sex-related hormones.

For men and women, feeling tired when you go to bed zaps, regardless of the libido you may have had a few moments ago.

In addition, in men, getting enough sleep can increase testosterone level (lower levels may be related to sexual dysfunction), according to a review published in the Journal of Brain Research.

  1. Masturbate or stimulate for better sex

By carrying out some experiment on yourself, this will make it easier for you to know what satisfied you sexually you can as well relay this information to your partner.

For women, masturbation can have other benefits. Dryness of the vaginal and pain can be reduced when you spend enough time stimulating yourself.

That is why sexual therapists often recommend masturbation as a tool for women who have problems with reaching orgasm. You may want to add a vibrator for improved stimulation.

Conclusion, all the things your parents tell you like sleep well, eat well, train more; all these are good for your sexual health. It’s time to listen to your mum.

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Having Kids And Still Keeping Your Sex Life Intact

Many people have experienced first-handedly the experience of becoming parents. This is one of the most powerful experiences that you can live through in life. However, you will have to sacrifice many things if you are to raise your children. And in many cases, many people report that their sex life has taken a (not literal) beating. But why should this be the case? And is there something you could do about it?

Well, the case is pretty straight-forward when it comes to reasons why couples that have kids have fewer sex encounters. They simply don’t have enough time for it. In most cases, they need to go to work too and they need to take care of their children when they get back home. Moreover, their energy levels will be sapped – especially if they are dealing with a baby. Babies tend to have erratic sleep patterns and they also tend to wake up during the night, crying for attention. Their parents need to keep going to work and taking care of everything else – but now they can’t even sleep properly. And it comes as no surprise that their sex drives tend to plummet.

Many couples report that they have a lot less sexual encounters from the moment they had a child. That being said – we’re not saying that your sex life needs to completely stop if you have a child – far from it. Most couples still get to have sex occasionally, even though they may be hard pressed for time and energy to do this.

The truth of the matter can be summarized in the following maxim: when there is a will, there is a way. Sadly, many people use the excuse of having children to not have sex because they don’t want to have sex in the first place. But if your sex drive is high prior to having a child, then there’s no big reason for it to plummet after having a child. So, it’s all up to you and your partner, in the end. You can have all the sex you want, despite the fact that you now have kids.

However, in some cases, privacy can be a real problem. By “privacy” we mean “the lack thereof”. Kids are very nosy and curious about everything. Just when you think that you and your partner are all alone and that your kid is sleeping – he or she may come into your room because of a bad dream he had. Try explaining what you’re doing to your kid, then – it’s never an easy task. So, you may have to work a bit harder in order to create a sense of privacy for you and your partner.

That being said, the core of the matter is that you don’t have to give up your vibrant and healthy sex life just because you have children. Having no time for anything because of tending to your kids can even make things exciting when you do finally get to have sex. So, you can even boost your sex life when having kids, in the end.

4 Best Sex Positions

There are lots of sex positions that have been found to give you the desired pleasure during sexual intercourse. However, there aren’t a lot of sex positions that are suitable for both you and your partner can enjoy. The bodies of men and women can come together in a thousand ways for the purpose of mutual pleasure. In the event that you engage in a heterosexual relationship, having knowledge of different sex positions can help you become a better and more inventive lover for your partner. Below are the top sex positions:

  1. The missionary attitude position

The missionary position is a simple sex position. In this type of sex position, the woman lies on her back with her legs opened wide and her knees slightly bent. The man stays at the top and lies between the legs of the woman and leads his cock into her vagina. The weight of the man is supported by his arms or elbows.

The only shortcoming of this type of sex position is that it is not so effective in providing women with satisfaction. The pelvis of the man does stimulate the clitoris in this position and it provides great intimacy through facial contact between the two partners. However, the penis angle does not allow deep penetration or stimulation of the G-spot. A lot of women complain that this sex position does not provide sufficient clitoris stimulation to achieve orgasm.

  1. Woman on top

This is the best sex position for women who want to be in control and guide the stimulation, says Dr. Leiblum. The angle of the penis allows deep penetration and stimulation of the G-spot, and the male partner can be in control of the woman’s pleasure by making use of his fingers to rub her clitoris. In addition, men are very susceptible to visual stimuli, and this sex position allows a man to rest on his back lying down and look at his partner doing an amazing job.

In this sex position, a man is lying on his back, and the woman faces him and kneels, driving the pelvis and directing his cock into her vagina. The woman can sit up or lie down on him. The woman can also move in an up-and-down motion or roll her hips around.

  1. Rear entry

This is also known as the doggy style, it is referred to as the best sex position for deep penetration of the vagina. This sex position gives the man the freedom to thrust his pelvis hard and fast and allows him to caress much of a woman’s body. The doggy style also allows for good G-spot stimulation.

In this sex position, the woman kneels on all fours and makes use of hands and knees to support her. The man squats behind her and enters her vagina from behind. Some women complain that this sex position is too impersonal as there is no facial contact.

  1. Side by Side

In this type of sex position, slow and romantic sex is guaranteed. The partners face each other and can kiss and caress each other during sex. This sex position is relaxing as it does not require a lot of sexual stamina from the two partners. This is the best position if one of the individuals is overweight or obese. There is a good clitoral stimulation in this position, but penetration is limited.

During this sex position, both the man and the woman lie on their sides, facing each other. The woman raises the top of her legs so that a man can insert his penis. She can then wrap the leg around the waist of the man or lay it across his top leg.

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Dealing With Addiction To Porn

Watching porn is one of the most popular sexual activities for many people. It’s simply a way to get intimate with yourself by watching other people do it. We have powerful neurons in our body that are designed to fire in unison with those of other people- and this is why watching porn can make us feel like we’re having sex ourselves. That being said – watching porn has its bad side. It’s so good that it can get very bad. Namely, many people are getting addicted to watching porn – and many of them aren’t even aware of it.

The first thing that you would need to do is admit to yourself that you’re addicted to porn. This is not something that you should be ashamed of to admit – it can literally happen to anyone. And the way to know whether you’re addicted to porn is pretty straightforward. If you have come to reach a level when watching people have sex is much more pleasurable for you than having sex yourself – then this is a red flag. If you watch porn every day for multiple hours per day – then this too is a red flag.

Next, it’s time to talk with your closest friends and family. Beware of the people that you will put in this circle (this is a subject for another article). If you’re not careful, then information about the fact that you’re addicted to porn may see the light of day and many people may get to know this. As we all know, not all people are benevolent towards others – some may try to make fun of you. If you have high mental fortitude then this won’t be a problem for you – but we believe that we speak for most people when we say that it can be rather embarrassing if everyone knows that you’re addicted to porn.

The point of talking to your closest friends is that they will have some advice to give to you. You will also get to frame your addiction in your own words and give it structure. It won’t be chaotic any longer. The more you know about yourself and the more you turn the things you feel into a structure – the better off you will be prepared to master yourself.

If you believe that things have gotten way out of hand – then we suggest that you consult with a professional. Addiction to porn – while not life-threatening – can still be a serious thing that hinders your progress and growth in life. And this is why it’s recommended that you handle this sexual problem as soon as possible.

That being said, it’s also important not to over diagnose yourself. If you enjoy watching porn sporadically – then, by all means, knock yourself out (no pun intended). Porn can even teach you some things about new sex positions and ways in which you can make sex more pleasurable for yourself and your sexual partner. It’s only when things get out of hand that you need to start taking it seriously and start fixing your porn addiction problem.

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Discuss Sex With Your Friends

Sex, in most people’s view, is an intimate activity that shouldn’t really see the light of day when it comes to getting it public. However, there are still many benefits that you will experience by sharing your sexual experiences with your friends. That being said, this article will tell you about some of them.

The first benefit is that talking about sex is actually fun. There are many things that you can talk about – positions, current partner, ex-partners, favorite places to do it in – there are no limits to what you can talk about. And almost everybody will be able to share something fun that has happened to them while they had sex at some point. So, if you wish to have some fun, then you will do well to share something about your sexual experiences with your friends.

Your friends can also give you some useful pointers about the direction you’re headed. Think of it like this – you don’t know what you don’t know. Perhaps there are 1001 ways in which you can improve your sexual life and make it even more pleasurable than you ever thought possible. Well, some of your friends will likely have had some experiences that rocked their brains. Perhaps you can imitate them, in a way, and get your brain rocked, too!

Sadly, sex is not always a great experience for many people. The fact of the matter is that many people have difficulties with the high level of intimacy that sex requires for it to be successful. If you believe that you’re a hard-case – then we suggest that you go and talk to a professional psychiatrist. However, if you have smaller issues that you think can be resolved – then one of the best things to do is to talk to your friends about them. They will be able to give you some guidance as to what exactly you should do in order to solve your sexual problems.

But are there any bad things that can happen to you if you happen to talk to some of your friends about your sexual experiences? Well, if they are true friends – then the possibility for something to go wrong is practically non-existent. However, if they are not truly your friends, then they may share your sexual experiences with other people and even in public. And this is something that most people aren’t really prepared to share with the world. So, always try to be mindful about the people you’re talking with. Not everyone deserves to know more about your sexual experiences.

But overall, you will have a net beneficial effect of talking to your friends about sex. Regardless if you learn something new or if you just have some fun while doing it – we think that you should let yourself loose every once in a while. Don’t hold everything in – sometimes you need to show some vulnerability and be honest about what you do. And you are likely to benefit from this vulnerability of yours in big ways.