Libidus Herbal Sexual Enhancer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

A common questions asked by our users. But if you can't find your answer here do not hesitate to send us your email.


  • Take 2 capsules with warm water approximately 40 minutes before an intimate encounter. For quicker results, remove the capsule and consume only the powder (without the capsule) 10-15 minutes before intercourse.


The effect of Libidus can be felt for up to 4 days after consumption.

As the blood circulation improves, you can cut down to 1 pill for every intake and still obtain a wonderful results.

Eurycoma longifolia can be used as instant energy enhancement, as well as Libidus. Take one Libidus pill every other day to boost up your energy if you feel tired all the time. Many long-distance truck drivers and taxi drivers use Libidus as energy booster too, they need the energy to stay alert and keep them awake on the road.


Libidus have a very special formula of herbs, it helps with blood flow to the penis and increase the libido to boost testosterone level. Erectile dysfunction drugs are not useful for men with low libido as they only enhance erection.

On the other hand, Libidus not only focus on sexual enhancement but improve the desired for sex as well. The special formula of herbs that we prepared actually improve your blood circulation, overall sexual health, energy level and well-being.


If you take Libidus in powder form (without the capsule), your body will absorb the herbs within 10 to 15 minutes. And it will stay in your system for up to 4 days! This is a general guideline, different individual have different experience.

Yes, women can use Libidus to improve their sexual desire and mood. However, a pregnant woman should not use Libidus.

Do not consume Libidus with beer or wine, it will affect the result. Wine or beer may diminish the effectiveness of the herbs. Take Libidus about one hour or more before you consume alcohol, if you have no choice.

Don't take Libidus if you feel tired, drunk or not in the mood for sex, you may not feel the effects. Libidus is best taken 1 hour before a meal (best at empty stomach) or AT LEAST 2 HOURS after meal.

No. Libidus is a mixture of herbs. Libidus is one of the very few of herbal sexual enhancer, fast-acting sexual enhancement product in the market. The other sexual enhancement pills are likely to contain chemicals and steroids.

There aren't any special reported cases of adverse side effects ever since Libidus launched few years ago. However, a small percentage of customers with pre-existing poor blood circulation experienced a minor headache after consuming Libidus. This is due to sudden improve in blood flow to the brain. However, a regular consumption of Libidus will solve this problem.

There aren't any reported complications with Libidus associated with consumption of our product to date.

  • Libidus doesn't trigger excessive pressure to blood pressure or the heart.

Based on the research among purchasers with medical condition, Libidus is an effective herbal solution for those with hypertension, diabetes and prostrate problem if it is taken at least three hours after medication. There are some drugs, especially those associated with hypertension, may diminish the effect of Libidus.

Anyone on medical supervision is advised to consult a doctor before taking any kind of herbal supplement.


Libidus is designed according to stringent GMP standards and tested and certified safe to use.

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Libidus Helps Lasting Longer In Bed

The best thing of Libidus is that it don't have to take it for weeks or months to work.

Libidus is famous that it works within thirty minutes for a majority of the customers... when there isn't any sexual stimulation.

Once Libidus herbal sexual enhancement pill is in your system, it will stay in your body for up to 48 hours.

With Libidus, you can prepare yourself anytime for a date. You don't need to worry about soft erection or any problem with unable to maintain hard erection.

Without Any Headache Side Effects

Most of our customers said that they didn't experience any nasty side effects - like headache, extreme palpitation, dizziness and sweating - all these are quite common with other sexual enhancement products.

The balance 17% of them did feel some warmness in the body and minor facial flushing, these are acceptable reactions. These few problems are caused by the blood circulation enhancement herbs in Libidus.