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Sex Positions That Keep You Warm

Many people aren’t really fans of the part of summer that makes things too hot. In fact, the fact that it’s so hot can even make the unforgivable – make sex feel uncomfortable. There are ways around this predicament, to be sure. But what we’re about to talk about is the exact opposite – what you can do with your partner in order to keep things warm in the winter? The opposite problem may rear its ugly head – things may be too cold for developing the heat of the moment.

That being said, winters are perfect for developing a more intimate relationship with your partner. And the reason is very simple – the fact that it’s cold will necessitate more touching and skin-to-skin contact. So, you can also start to implement a more “hands-on” approach to your winter sex life.

That being said, one of the main sex positions that you can keep in mind for this period of the year is the missionary position. Many people have the erroneous assumption that the missionary position is unexciting or even boring. Well, it can be the perfect choice to make for the long winter nights. And the reason and logic of it are simple. The missionary position will necessitate full-body contact. This will help increase the temperature and keep things warmer. Also, the missionary is a great position to try out if you want some additional intimacy. Namely, it has the added benefit of enabling you and your partner to make out while doing it and to look deep into each other’s eyes. And this can be very exciting, to say the least.

Another position that you can try out is the countertop position. If you’re a woman, then sit down on the countertop and have your man grab you at the hips while he penetrates you. At the same time, you can throw your arms around his torso and, again, the two of you will maintain the contact of big parts of your bodies.

It’s always an option to keep things fun and exciting by doing it under the sheets. It has the added benefit of helping you keep warm, too. The fact of the matter is that some sex positions are very exciting especially under the sheets. You can try out the classic 69 position in the bed. And again – the fact that you have a blanket on top of you will help keep your body temperatures low.

In conclusion, we would say that your imagination is the sole limit to finding out in how many ways you can have fun in the winter. Once you deal with the logistical problem of being too cold – it’s now time to do something exciting in the nights with your partner. If you do the right things then you will have a lot of fun and will crank up the sexual excitement at the same time. So, you will have a great winter, to say the least. We hope you will have a lot of fun under the bed sheets.

Best Sex Positions With Clothes On

Getting naked with your partner is one of the most pleasurable things that you can do in life. We’re all used to walking around with our clothed bodies – protected from the eyes of other people. So, it goes without saying that it’s very relieving to finally be naked with another person. That being said, there is a slight distinction here that you can make. Sometimes, having sex with your clothes on can be even more exciting than what many people would come to expect. And why exactly is this the case?

First off, it adds a bit of a primal touch to the equation. The act says that you really don’t have the time to lose on some menial jobs like taking your clothes off. It says that you want it right there and then. And this can be very exciting in and of itself.

So, what are some sex positions you can try out with your clothes on? Well, the first one is the position against the wall. If you’re a woman, then make sure that your back is against the wall. Your sex partner should lift your hips and start thrusting. This is a position that you could do with your clothes on – only the most vulnerable parts will be left open. And you will feel your entire attention shifting towards these parts which will make things even more exciting.

Having oral sex is also something you could do with your clothes on. And this is one of the most exciting things to do, too – with your clothes on. You could give oral sex or receive – both of these elements of the experience are fun in and of themselves. Give it a try and tell us how you like it.

Also, you can do the straddle saddle position. The woman is on top and the man is sitting on a chair under her. Remove the vital pieces of clothing only and you can have sex with your clothes on in this steamy position. In fact, this is an excellent position to try out in the car – if you have nowhere else to do it. And sex in the car can even be exciting in and of itself. So, make sure that you try this position out. The fact that the two of you will share eye contact will make the atmosphere even more intimate. It’s a very hot position to try out.

By now you know a few new steamy positions you can try out with your clothes on. Having sex with your clothes on can be truly a great sexual experience that you can go through. There are so many different levels of excitement that you will uncover by doing this that you may end up revamping your entire opinion on how sex should be had. And in the end, you and your partner will have a lot of fun practicing some of these clothed-sex positions. Enjoy them and tell us what you think about them.

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Dealing With Addiction To Porn

Watching porn is one of the most popular sexual activities for many people. It’s simply a way to get intimate with yourself by watching other people do it. We have powerful neurons in our body that are designed to fire in unison with those of other people- and this is why watching porn can make us feel like we’re having sex ourselves. That being said – watching porn has its bad side. It’s so good that it can get very bad. Namely, many people are getting addicted to watching porn – and many of them aren’t even aware of it.

The first thing that you would need to do is admit to yourself that you’re addicted to porn. This is not something that you should be ashamed of to admit – it can literally happen to anyone. And the way to know whether you’re addicted to porn is pretty straightforward. If you have come to reach a level when watching people have sex is much more pleasurable for you than having sex yourself – then this is a red flag. If you watch porn every day for multiple hours per day – then this too is a red flag.

Next, it’s time to talk with your closest friends and family. Beware of the people that you will put in this circle (this is a subject for another article). If you’re not careful, then information about the fact that you’re addicted to porn may see the light of day and many people may get to know this. As we all know, not all people are benevolent towards others – some may try to make fun of you. If you have high mental fortitude then this won’t be a problem for you – but we believe that we speak for most people when we say that it can be rather embarrassing if everyone knows that you’re addicted to porn.

The point of talking to your closest friends is that they will have some advice to give to you. You will also get to frame your addiction in your own words and give it structure. It won’t be chaotic any longer. The more you know about yourself and the more you turn the things you feel into a structure – the better off you will be prepared to master yourself.

If you believe that things have gotten way out of hand – then we suggest that you consult with a professional. Addiction to porn – while not life-threatening – can still be a serious thing that hinders your progress and growth in life. And this is why it’s recommended that you handle this sexual problem as soon as possible.

That being said, it’s also important not to over diagnose yourself. If you enjoy watching porn sporadically – then, by all means, knock yourself out (no pun intended). Porn can even teach you some things about new sex positions and ways in which you can make sex more pleasurable for yourself and your sexual partner. It’s only when things get out of hand that you need to start taking it seriously and start fixing your porn addiction problem.

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