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Different Types Of Orgasms

During sex, when a man approaches an orgasm, his pelvic movements become less voluntary and automatic, and the penis muscles begin to rhythmically contract to eject sperm from the urethra.

At the beginning of an orgasm, heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration all of these increase. The orgasm is the last phase of the response to excitement among men. What most men do not know is that there are other types of orgasms that most men have never experience:

Ejaculatory (standard)

This is the most common types of orgasm that many people experience every time they are having sex. You do not need much effort on your part to achieve this and the ejaculation of sperm is the outcome. There is virtually no control over the pelvic thrusting or when you reach that orgasm unless you work to put it under control.

Pelvic Orgasm

There are some men who are expert in controlling their orgasm and send the energy back into their pelvic region simply by practicing. Self-control is largely a skill that you don’t learn when it comes to sexual satisfaction, but in fact, it can provide a more intense and pleasant orgasm if you learn it correctly. If you want to feel a pelvic orgasm, you will need to relax your mind and control the bodily functions before the orgasm. Keep ejaculation and send it through your body for complete pelvic orgasm.

Non-ejaculatory (Retrograde Ejaculation)

In a condition referred to as retrograde ejaculation, the bladder sphincter does not close properly during ejaculation, so semen rush back into the bladder. This condition is usually found in some men with multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or after certain types of prostate surgery. Sometimes it can happen in men who do not have serious problems. It is not physically harmful, but it makes the man infertile and may have a different feeling during ejaculation. Retrograde ejaculation is also called “dry come” because a man can achieve orgasm, but the sperm does come out from the penis.

Prostate Orgasm (direct stimulation)

On both sides of the prostate are nerves that maintain an erection. These nerves can be stimulated by touching and stroking the prostate. This orgasm is created by stimulating the prostate constantly, either by finger or toy. Men can reach orgasm only when they are completely relaxed and stimulated.

Blended (Prostatic + Ejaculatory)

The orgasm of the entire body stimulates the two nerve pathways associated with the pelvic region. Once pelvic and spinal areas are fully involved, you will experience a blended orgasm that will fully stimulate your whole body. If you want to feel the most amusing sensation you can imagine, then this is the orgasm you want to experience. You can stimulate both sensations by stimulating the penis and prostate.

Energy Orgasms (heart, vocal and full-body orgasms)

These types of orgasms are complete orgasms of the body without touching one another. They use your breathing and contractions of muscles to create orgasmic energy that circulates in your body, causing male ejaculation.

Multi-Ejaculatory (non-refractory period)

Most men usually have a refractory period (time in between each orgasm), which lasts for 30 minutes or longer. But yes, men can enjoy orgasms over and over without having to cool down.

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4 Best Sex Positions

There are lots of sex positions that have been found to give you the desired pleasure during sexual intercourse. However, there aren’t a lot of sex positions that are suitable for both you and your partner can enjoy. The bodies of men and women can come together in a thousand ways for the purpose of mutual pleasure. In the event that you engage in a heterosexual relationship, having knowledge of different sex positions can help you become a better and more inventive lover for your partner. Below are the top sex positions:

  1. The missionary attitude position

The missionary position is a simple sex position. In this type of sex position, the woman lies on her back with her legs opened wide and her knees slightly bent. The man stays at the top and lies between the legs of the woman and leads his cock into her vagina. The weight of the man is supported by his arms or elbows.

The only shortcoming of this type of sex position is that it is not so effective in providing women with satisfaction. The pelvis of the man does stimulate the clitoris in this position and it provides great intimacy through facial contact between the two partners. However, the penis angle does not allow deep penetration or stimulation of the G-spot. A lot of women complain that this sex position does not provide sufficient clitoris stimulation to achieve orgasm.

  1. Woman on top

This is the best sex position for women who want to be in control and guide the stimulation, says Dr. Leiblum. The angle of the penis allows deep penetration and stimulation of the G-spot, and the male partner can be in control of the woman’s pleasure by making use of his fingers to rub her clitoris. In addition, men are very susceptible to visual stimuli, and this sex position allows a man to rest on his back lying down and look at his partner doing an amazing job.

In this sex position, a man is lying on his back, and the woman faces him and kneels, driving the pelvis and directing his cock into her vagina. The woman can sit up or lie down on him. The woman can also move in an up-and-down motion or roll her hips around.

  1. Rear entry

This is also known as the doggy style, it is referred to as the best sex position for deep penetration of the vagina. This sex position gives the man the freedom to thrust his pelvis hard and fast and allows him to caress much of a woman’s body. The doggy style also allows for good G-spot stimulation.

In this sex position, the woman kneels on all fours and makes use of hands and knees to support her. The man squats behind her and enters her vagina from behind. Some women complain that this sex position is too impersonal as there is no facial contact.

  1. Side by Side

In this type of sex position, slow and romantic sex is guaranteed. The partners face each other and can kiss and caress each other during sex. This sex position is relaxing as it does not require a lot of sexual stamina from the two partners. This is the best position if one of the individuals is overweight or obese. There is a good clitoral stimulation in this position, but penetration is limited.

During this sex position, both the man and the woman lie on their sides, facing each other. The woman raises the top of her legs so that a man can insert his penis. She can then wrap the leg around the waist of the man or lay it across his top leg.

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