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Sex Tips To Give Her Intense Orgasm

Women just LOVE, LOVE oral sex if it is hot! They crave it even more than chocolate. Wow, that’s an idea! Here are three sex tips to give them the great oral that they want and dream about. These tips are from women that know the difference between good and great oral sex techniques!

1st Sex Tip. Get her in the right mood for hot fun.

The truth is, women want to have fun just like guys do. The key here is to put them in the mood so that they crave and want your attention.

How do you do that? Most women will tell you that they want to be adored, respected, and loved! You can show your love for them by communicating that. Women crave and need attention and communication.

One way to do that is to ask them some very intimate, hot questions. No, not what you’re probably thinking.

Ask your lady tonight: “how did I get so lucky to have you?” You’ll be surprised how quickly she will change her state of mind from the mundane problems to being lovey-dovey when she believes that you care about her and they she’s special to you.

Further, you can ask her “what can I do to give you the best lovemaking ever tonight?” She’s going to give you the answer!

2nd Sex Tip. Get her physically prepared.

Nothing gets most women hotter than a good make-out session. Give her lots of hot kisses on her neck, mouth, and especially some great french kissing. Spend some sweet time with her.

Next, go down to her breasts and give them some attention. Don’t be in a hurry to get between her legs. That will come in time, and she’ll crave it. Make sure that you tease around her nipples but don’t touch them yet but when you do, lick and suck them like crazy. Many women can have breast orgasms if you do it right.

If she can take hard sucking, take the nipples in your mouth and suck them as hard and fast as you can. Likely, she will have an intense orgasm, and then you can go to the other nipple and give that equal attention.

Now, give her a clitoris stimulation (likely she will pull you down after she quits shaking so badly) and give it a nice little touch or lick. Tease her a bit.

Remember, less is more on this sensitive spot. Tease and withdraw. Keep doing that with upward licks on her clitoris, and she should have a nice orgasm in about 5-10 minutes.

3rd Sex Tip. Send her into outer space!

Now, you can blow her mind. You can ease off her clitoris for a minute as it gets very sensitive and sore without repeated contact. You can slide your tongue inside on her g-spot that is located about two inches inside at the top, just past her pubic bone.

Use some “come hither,” licks on her g-spot and after a few minutes either graze your teeth on her clitoris and give her a dual treatment. This combined intense orgasm for both spots should put her into outer space.

These sex tips may not give her the orgasm she wants immediately, it takes some time to gain some experience and learn about her preference.

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