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Causes And Prevention Of Vaginal Cuts

Vaginal cut happens when the vaginal is dry. During sex, when you are excited, your vagina naturally produces fluid that will keep the place lubricated to reduce friction when the penis glides inside. But when the vagina is not lubricated due to some factors which we are going to look at, your vagina is at risk of tearing or cutting.

Inadequate foreplay

If you have a quickie which does not require foreplay, the vagina can still produce lubricants due to the adrenaline rush that will excite you. But when you are relaxed on the bed planning a missionary or side by side position without enough foreplay, your vagina will not produce the required fluid for the sex session. When your vagina is not lubricated, cuts and tears are bound to happen.

Vigorous sex

Slow sex is a goal as it makes couples more entwined and the final orgasm is mind-blowing. But you might want to experience vigorous sex once in a while, for the sake of variety and wild feelings. Now, if you do not have extra lubrication aside from that which your vagina produces naturally, you run the risk of cuts and bruises on the vagina, and even a swollen vulva as a plus. Also, sexual positions and sex toys can also contribute to the tearing.

Sexual abuse

If you have ever experienced sexual abuse while growing up, you will find it difficult to get stimulated by the touch of your partner which prevents the vagina from producing fluids. Women with a history of sexual abuse sometimes find foreplay uncomfortable or find difficult to relax during sex leading to vaginal cuts.


When women get to the menopausal age, the body slows down on the production of estrogen, female sex hormones responsible for the female tissues in the body. When this hormone declines, it becomes difficult to produce vaginal fluid even after foreplay. The vagina becomes tight and dry, leading to pains and tearing during sex.

How to prevent vaginal cut

You can prevent vaginal cut by doing things that will prevent the vaginal from getting too tight. Some of the things you can do are:

Encourage your partner to engage in more foreplay before moving on to active sex. If he is the impatient type, refuse him entry till you are properly stimulated. Touching your sensitive organs such as the breast will help in lubricating you. He can also try cuddling, neck licks and kisses, fingering your vagina while sucking on your boobs to get your vagina ready for a slippery entry.

Lubricants are the best help for vaginal dryness. With enough lubrication, women who have approached menopause will feel like they are in their mid -20s again. If you are planning for vigorous sex, slather some in your vagina. When purchasing lubricants, ensure you go for those that are water-based. Avoid oil-based lubes that contain petroleum jelly, massage oil and other types of oil as it makes condoms less effective which exposes you to the risk of a sexually transmitted infection or unplanned pregnancy.

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